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A fun Back to School Lesson on what we can expect when going off to school. We learn about books and how to care for them during library day. Your preschool class will set up a lending library in their classrooms making it easy to check out books throughout the year. 

Your students will have fun discovering the classroom rules and how important they are. This lesson is an exciting back to school week!

5- Day Lesson Package


This lesson is an exciting back to school week!

5- Day Lesson Package

Day 1. Off To School

Off To School will be a fun day which will prepare and familiarize the children with the concept of going to school. You and the children will discuss all the things  we can learn as well as do at school. During circle ?me the children will play a memory game using items normally seen in a classroom. They will make a name-tag and experiment with classroom goop. Your group will practice a mock fire drill and learn about the importance of paying attention during your monthly practices.

Day 2. Letter Aa

The Letter of the Week is the Letter A The children will spend the day doing lots of activities associated with the letter A. We will complete an activity that will have us finding items starting with the letter of the week. The children will create a wooden airplane and do sandpaper rubbings in upper and lower case letters.

Day 3. Library Day

We will explain Library Sign-up on Library day. The children will have fun making library cards for books that you have chosen for your classroom library. The children can take turns role playing a librarian and pretend to check in library books.

During arts/crafts they will make their own bookmarks and will have an opportunity to participate in recording a book reading on cassette tape. Once your recordings are finished; make sure you send them home for each family listen to and enjoy.

Day 4. Numbers 1 and 2

Students learn about numbers 1 and 2. The children will play a counting sock toss game and will complete a 1 and 2 activity sheet. They will make a 1-2 clown. They will also make macaroni necklaces using 1 and 2 patterning. We will also play a fun copycat game and will make “One Big Cookie” for all to share!

Day 5. Following the Rules

Following the Rules day will have us discussing classroom rules. The children will make a poster of their rules to hang up. They will take turns role playing a teacher. We’ll make grocery sack backpacks and write secret messages using invisible ink.

Each Preschool Program Five Day Lesson Package includes activities in the following areas: 

  • Circle Time
    •Intro to Pre-K
    •Art & Craft
    •Math & Science
    •Music & Movement

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