Zoorific {5-day Lesson Plan Unit}



Includes Patterns and Printables 
45 pages

Day 1: Large Zoo Animals

Large Zoo Animals Day will start the week off talking about visiting the Zoo and discovering the large Zoo Animals. The children will make their own Elephant headbands. They will play a game of Elephant Actions and make Monkey Bars for snack

Day 2: Letter Review

Spend the day with Letter Review The children will spend the day doing activities associated with letters in the alphabet. The children will complete alphabet books and find pictures to glue on the pages. We sing an alphabet song and make Alphabet Bread for snack time.

Day 3: Small Zoo Animals

Small Zoo Animals Day, we will discuss the smaller animals we might see at the Zoo. We make a craft out of CD’s and we graph our favorite Zoo friends . The children enjoy the finger play “Under the Monkey Tree” and we make Graham cracker Zoo cages. 

Day 4: Colors Review Day

Colors Review Day, we will examine the different colors by dramatic play Our Paint Store. The children make their own Color booklets and we go on an adventure to I Spy my Colors. We share in a little Green eggs & Ham at snack time. 

Day 5: A Day at the Zoo

A Day at the Zoo Day will be a fun day full of zoo activities. We will discuss elephants and how they love peanuts. We make a zoo train and sing the Animals at the zoo. For snack we make Zoo French Toast. 

Each Preschool Program Five Day Lesson Package includes activities in the following areas: 

  • Circle Time
  • Intro to Pre-K
  • Art & Craft
  • Math & Science
  • Music & Movement
  • Cooking 

    RFTS Preschool Program is an exceptionally easy fun early learning program for the preschool age child.


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